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At Center for Complementary Medicine, we begin by asking you to tell us  what has led you  to search for a skilled professional to be present to your personal inquiry. . . an inquiry perhaps ignited by an ineffable experience, invoking you to reshape your life, or perhaps an inner call to open deeper connectivity and understanding beyond the multitude of daily interactions.   What do you require most to navigate your life through the labyrinth of work, relationships and community? We are available to explore your questions with you, and to support you to awaken to your own potential.
In psychotherapy, we integrate cognitive behavioral therapy with   body-mind awareness, meditation based approaches, and other modalities such as Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy.  We enjoy working with people who want to learn how to let their inner experience bring forward movement toward positive life changes, and the actualization of your next growth steps.
Sometimes we integrate the other modalities we offer, such as biofeedback, to support deeper understanding of your need to find relief from emotional and physical pain. This interactive aid facilitates a way for you to become confident in making the changes that you know are right for you.

Center for Complementary Medicine and Neurofeedback of Seattle
4649 Sunnyside Ave N #344
Seattle, WA 98103


Neurofeedback Seattle offers free parking and easy access to our Seattle location.



Psychotherapy - CCM and Neurofeedback of Seattle in Seattle, WA