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“My work with Dr. Barba has been transforming! When I first had a QEEG four years ago, I was significantly depressed, irritable, and suffering from chronic fatigue. I was on two prescriptions of antidepressants for my mood and for sleep. My brain had forgotten how to enter a healthy sleep cycle without chemicals. Dr. Barba is an excellent triage person, and after a consultation with my physician, as a team, I was weaned off both of my medications, after being on them for many years! Although, I am an aging person with some medical challenges, I am very happy again. Dr. Barba’s cutting-edge use of neurotherapy, biofeedback and mindfulness-based insight-oriented therapies, have made significant improvements in my cognitive thinking, and reawakened ability to identify what I feel! As a psychotherapist extraordinaire, Dr. Barba quickly supported me to deconstruct my negative habit patterns and thoughts. He is a deeply compassionate clinician with great skill to move into the depth of anyone’s mind who works with him. All I can say is that our community is blessed to have Dr. Barba—he is truly a master of his art and science.” GF

“When I first came to Sal for Neurofeedback therapy, I had been on anti-depressants for nearly 30 years, as well as medication for both anxiety, and sleep issues. While functionally depressed and quite withdrawn I was also determined to change. I was very fortunate to have found Sal for neurotherapy! The work is integrative and not easy! It calls on you the client to be determined and to stay the course of the neurotherapy, even if you are not certain what the positive changes look like. It’s more than just showing up! It’s about taking yourself on, reflecting upon one’s automatic responses to frustration, anger and anxiety—just to name a few! Sal’s work as a clinician, calls upon the individual to keep trying to reset one’s responses at an entirely new level of awareness- one that gives you more options for resiliency, as well as working with your mind, as it learns to function at a higher level! Sal is a remarkable neurotherapy clinician. He has trained with senior clinicians with astounding skill and intellectual acumen in the field of applied neuroscience! Sal works with state of the art neurotherapy software and is exceptionally gifted in his fluency of this advanced technology. He is exceptionally devoted to both his clients presenting issues as well as the deeper patterns that interfere with healthy brain functioning. He also brings to the work his many decades of experience as a gifted psychotherapist that knows what real lasting change looks like, how trauma effects the brain, and how to best support the client in the change process! Sal is a gem; we are very fortunate to have him here in Seattle. Rest assured Sal will do everything in his ability to help your brain function at a healthier level than perhaps you felt possible! At age 63, I have now been off all medication for several years. I’m happier than I have ever been and have more tools to fully show up and live life that I have been wanting to live!” MM

“I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Barba! He has such passion and excitement for what he does as a skilled clinician, who is working at the cutting edge of applied neuroscience! He really connects with his patients on a personal level and gives them such support and hope for the future! We began neurotherapy for our 11-year-old. It had been a very difficult time for him! He was experiencing crippling OCD, and was defiant with impulsive behaviors, which were off the roof! The positive changes we observed in our son from Dr. Barba’s work were amazing! I only wish that we could start our day every day with a visit to his office!” We are so glad that Dr. Barba is located here in Seattle!” SA

"As a former client of Dr. Barba's, I was completely impressed with his acumen of knowledge and clinical experience! I was able to work through my past trauma working with him and his multiple approaches that he integrates with his neurotherapy! He is a contemplative scientist extraordinaire, and we, as a community, are very fortunate in these times to have his presence and wisdom!" HB 

Center for Complementary Medicine and Neurofeedback of Seattle
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Seattle, WA 98103


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