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What is a QEEG?

QEEG is the acronym for quantitative electroencephalogram. A QEEG is a way of QEEG Brain Map in Seattlemeasuring your brain activity in many different areas at once. A QEEG helps us to understand what areas of your brain are functioning well, and where your brain is challenged. A QEEG requires 20 sensors or more that includes a full cap. This is achieved through the placement of a 20 channel sensor cap on your scalp that can detect the electrical activity in your brain in real time. A QEEG helps us to identify how to support your brain to improve its performance. QEEGs are required to create surface cortical brain maps, and  QEEGs provide the clinician with quantitative recommendations to guide your Neurofeedback sessions toward successful results.  

Your brain is like a power plant. Brainwaves that you will see during your QEEG assessment develop from the millions of neurons in your brain that are constantly active-creating thoughts, feelings and perceptions that you have. You might think of your brain as a network with hubs that specialize in different activity; without electricity, those networks would not function well or effectively communicate with each other. We couldn’t be creative or productive in our life without the healthy functioning of our brain.

sw loreta neurofeedback 3d image What is LORETA ANALYSIS? (Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography-3D).  LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback is an advanced neuromodulation approach that requires a full 19 sensor cap. As an advanced neuro-technology, LORETA gives real-time 3D images of your brainwave activity.
Through the use of advanced LORETA imaging, we are able to train the surface (cortical) of the brain and deeper regions (known as subcortical) of the brain simultaneously. LORETA is able to improve performance of entire networks (neuro-network highways). This includes observing and measuring the metrics to improve  coherence (connectivity), processing speed (phase) and power. These areas of training are critical  in obtaining optimal brain functioning! In practice, this means that we can train numerous brain regions involved in your symptoms as a comprehensive approach! The clarity in imaging and assessment of the symptoms and locations in your brain that advanced LORETA is capable of providing means greater efficiency, which in turn means cost effective.

What is Z-SCORE LORETA Neurofeedback? Z-Score training supports the clinician to identify how the training protocol is impacting your brain. Identifying areas of the brain that are out of balance requires a Z-Score Baseline to understand what areas are moving toward neuro-regulation and balance, and what areas that are under performing. Neurofeedback practitioners Z-SCORE LORETA Neurofeedbackwith advanced training in neuromodulation modalities, who are competent and nationally board qualified, use Z Score baselines to see what areas of your brain to train, and how much training is required. The chart to the right is just one example of what Z Scores inform the clinician about how areas of the brain are functioning. No two brains are quite the same, and this is one of the reasons why a QEEG and LORETA-3D assessment is important  to obtain.


At the Center for Complementary Medicine, Dr. Barba assesses your brain's performance with advanced, state of the art neuro-technologies. He custom designs protocols to address your brain's specific challenges.

What to expect during your QEEG Evaluation: The test requires one and a half hours, with about half that time involved with prepping and clean-up. Preparation time includes cleaning the sites to be tested, placement of a sensor cap upon your head, and ensuring there is good contact between the sensors and your scalp and that your brain's electrical activity is being clearly detected. During your initial pre-QEEG testing date, Dr. Barba informs you on how to prepare for the actual QEEG testing day.

Your QEEG analysis is completed at our center, saving time and money without sending the QEEG data to a company for analyzing. Your QEEG will be transposed into a readable comprehensive baseline report that will be presented to you at your follow up visit. The QEEG report includes all of the baseline data, Surface Cortical Maps that reflect your brain's performance. A QEEG report will further include the advanced analysis in real time LORETA-3D images that will show how your brain is functioning at the subcortical-below the surface region, providing precise measurements, and regions of interest (R.O.I.) relating to the challenges (symptoms) that motivated you to come to our center for a QEEG assessment, and to discuss brain solutions that will help your brain achieve optimal results.

Afterward, we will meet to discuss the results of your QEEG and LORETA-3D analysis along with recommendations, neurofeedback solutions and options for brain training. Upon request, we can send a report to your referring provider, or any other health care professional that is a part of your health care team. The entire process is comprehensive, easy and efficient!

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